"If you step on a butterfly, you change the future of the human race."

This episode’s ~secret message~ on the website says:


“I mean I glimpsed him! And May the gods help him or perhaps you can.”

So now we have…

The Impossible Astronaut: All the secrets you seek can be found here on the Webb.

Day of the Moon: We found your message! You’re alive but what secrets d’you mean my friend?

Curse of the Black Spot: I mean I glimpsed him! And May the gods help him or perhaps you can.

What does it meeeeeeean?

Ahhhhh! >.<

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Just listen to this, you’re instantly proud of yourself for no reason whatsoever. 

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Waiting for Doctor Who&#8230;.

Waiting for Doctor Who….

So I’m stuck at a Ritz-Carlton here in Florida.


And I’m miserable. You know why? THEY DON’T HAVE BBC AMERICA AS A CHANNEL OPTION. How am I supposed to see tomorrow’s episode?!

You know you have a problem when you’re at a super posh business event that you don’t even have to pay for and you wish you were at home with some coconut ice cream and Teevo. Somebody help me. 

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Season 6, Episode 1

Ya, this is a Martha Jones blog. But I just finished watching “The Impossible Astronaut”. I believe this describes my feelings: 


Have fun sleeping. Oh wait… no one will be able to….

My new favorite street/lane!!!

My new favorite street/lane!!!